July 8, 2007

Steven Seagal @ his best…

Posted in Life at 1:05 pm by pmatos

I do like Steven Seagals movies and after telling my brother I had just bought a bargain @ HMV of Steven Seagal collection, by 14.99£, he showed me this great strip:




  1. D. Peace said,

    I find this strip complementary. Steven Seagal is history’s finest actor, whose nuance and subtlety are perhaps beyond your understanding.

    He’s capable of conveying worlds of emotion with a single glance. He doesn’t need to ham it up, using overly contorted facial quirks and contrived histrionics. No, every emotion in the range of human experience can be summed up with that one look… that trademark “I’m coming to kill you” look.

    Kudos to Steven Seagal. Up yours, Olivier.

  2. Alex said,

    Por isso é que ele não sai dos filmes serie B.
    Apesar de se afirmar melhor que muitos actores de acção, tem a grande desvantagem (tal como muitos deles) de não ser um actor.
    A ultima gaffe deste sr. foi afirmar que conseguia fazer um “Ultimo Samurai” que Tom Cruise. :P
    Enfim não é nada megalomano/ pretencioso. :P

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