July 13, 2007

So, I have a Second Life…

Posted in Computers, Life at 7:51 pm by pmatos

Only right about the other day it came to my attention that there’s already a second life client for Linux. Wow…I needed to try it since I have always heard about it but never tried it before. So I did, named myself Pauli Hapmouche and went in…

OH NO!!! I’M NAKED… fortunately for some unknown reason some clothes appeared on me… as I started pressing the keys to see what I could do… OH YES!!! A NAKED GIRL JUST FELL FROM THE SKY! :-) It was definitely fun and I had the opportunity to take a screenshot.


Definitely, I don’t understand second life hype. Why? What you do there? I’ll go there from time to time but unless I understand the reason to be there regularly my second life alter ego will show up rarely!


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