July 14, 2007

Stow it…

Posted in Linux at 12:29 pm by pmatos

Not in your distro package repository?!? Stow it!

All of us feel that sometimes the package we want is not on our distribution repository, be it Gentoo, Ubuntu or Debian. The general solution which I found only a couple of months ago and has been working perfectly is GNU Stow.

Stow allows you to install packages in /usr/local and keep track of what was installed or not. The general procedure is:

  1. Get the software tarball;
  2. Unpack it;
  3. Configure it using a prefixed directory (usually inside /usr/local/stow);
    1.  ./configure –prefix=/usr/local/stow/<packagename>
  4. Stow it using the package name. Go to /usr/local/stow and write ‘stow <packagename>’. Stow will create the correct symlinks  from usr local directory to the package directory.
    1. cd /usr/local/stow
    2. stow <packagename>

Use the software!!! Whenever you want to remove it just go to the stow directory, e.g. /usr/local/stow and

stow  -D <packagename>

With this I was able to build, install and later remove all of E17 packages cleanly. Nice, heh? (Many more options to tweak stow behavior can be found in its manual.


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  1. This seems to be a nice way to deal with package tarballs without polluting the distro installed packages, although that’s what the whole /usr/local/* tree is about.

    What I usually do is use checkinstall (http://asic-linux.com.mx/~izto/checkinstall/) to build and install debian packages that I can later remove using dpkg.

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