September 24, 2007

The use of Hi5

Posted in Computers, Life at 10:17 am by pmatos

Incredibly, I’m subscribed to many online services as Facebook, Hi5, MySpace, etc. I just subscribe them to see what they have to offer and that’s it.  Some people tend not to subscribe these sites for reasons I cannot understand. One of them is online availability which I can’t understand because they are already available through their homepage, one more service spreading their availability won’t matter. Another is spam possibility which I can also not understand. Hey, we’re in the days where spam filters will filter 99% of your spam with rare false positives. I receive 6000 emails of spam a month, so what if I receive 1000 more? Gmail just filters it out!

Well, yesterday I was thinking about a friend I don’t see for a couple of years, and I decided I should give her a call, however, since I’m mobile phone free in the UK (almost a year) I lost her phone number. Damn! So, I decided to search for her. Google – nil, Hi5 – 1. YES! It was as easy as entering her first and last name in the search box and I got 42 results. In a matter of seconds I filtered 42 faces and found the one I’m looking for. I’m truly, truly happy!

This however, comes only with honesty. If you register yourself with a made up name and put the picture of a horse as your photo, then this won’t work but still, it was the first time Hi5 was of some use.


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