October 8, 2007

Oh… the PS3!

Posted in Computers at 9:39 am by pmatos

Every couple of weeks I change from saying to myself that I’m going to buy  a PS3 to buying a Wii and vice-versa. Somethings go for a Wii, others for a PS3 (same is true for PSP vs DS but that’s another story).

The one thing that blocks my interest in the Wii is that it’s just a video game console, nothing else. It’s not even able to play DVDs. Nowadays, a game console cannot just be a game console, it has to be much more. Just like a mobile phone cannot just be a mobile phone. Opposite to mobile phones (I don’t remember using my Mot. V600 cam, email, messaging, etc), game console features besides game playing are used. Although there were rumours of a new Wii in 2007 with DVD playing capabilities, no Press Releases about it came out from Nintendo site.

On Press Releases, however Sony sent a bomb recently, which really makes me wonder what the hell is going on. Making a long story short: PlayStation3 is a Octo-core super computer for in-house entertainment which was first released almost a year ago. It had two versions 20GB and 60GB, and the 20GB was discontinued (rumors say it was due to low profit). Then a 80GB version was released (rumors say it was to accommodate video-on-demand), but not sold in Europe. A couple of days ago Sony uploaded a press release stating it will discontinue the 60GB model, and release a 40GB one for a lower price.

However, I’m not so happy for the lower price. There’s no support for PS2 games. 2 USBs were removed (there are only 2 in PS2 slim and they are not enough), leaving it with 2. Finishing of PS3 will be Matte instead of Glossy and card reader is removed. HELL! Of course it’s cheaper. They removed 20% of its features. Still, it’s a huge console. The question remains, should I get a PS3 60GB for the existent stock or should I wait to see what happens?

As I said, it’s a huge console. Runs Linux, has a lot of potential for programmers interested in parallel programming (MIT has a subject on this), runs a humanitarian distributed project, reads BlueRays (what I think will be the next DVD, time will tell), has huge game titles, supports HD TVs, etc.

The Wii is fun, but it is just a console and for just a console it is too expensive.


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