December 21, 2007

And it’s Christmas, once again…

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I have been silent for too long, however, the silence has a reason and it is good one.

For the last months the work has been too much and as I arrive home to write something I need to do something else as I have also been accumulating hobbies and free-time programming projects.

Lets then start at the beginning and see what has happened since my last posts a couple of months ago:

  1. In October I started my second year in Southampton and it made a year I was around. I should definitely write more about this but unfortunately time has not been a friend of mine. However, it was a year with loads of fun and work where I met great people and it was definitely one of the best years of my life. Now that I’m starting my second year I should think about what will happen after the PhD in about 2 year. Well, hopefully I’ll move on to a PostDoc somewhere here in the UK, if possible, here in Southampton. I just love it!
  2. I bought myself a PS3. Yay! After 2 weeks I had finished both RFOM and Heavenly Sword! :-D
  3. I integrated two european union research projects that I’m doing at the same time as my PhD.
  4. I founded the Functional Programming Special Interest Group  of the University of Southampton which I’m currently leading. We have been looking for the wonderful language: Haskell.
  5. My girl got herself a Macbook (will she miss Linux?!?)
  6. I’ve been polishing a software that allows you to get the most recent prices our of Amazon, showing to you the best prices and giving information on sales, etc. That helps me get the most out of my money, Amazon sales and brings you the Amazon Bargains category of this blog. Soon out for the public!
  7. I should start thinking about a 2008 todo list, however, this blogs drafts contains two posts called “2006 Todo” and “2007 Todo” which shows I never write todos!
  8. I managed to organize a trip to Portugal in February with some of my friends from Soton. That should be fun. Next countries to visit will hopefully be Germany, Spain and Syria.

That’s all for now folks. Hopefully this blog will come slowly to life. :-)



  1. Koopa said,

    If you had time to play and beat two PS3 games, you had time to post. Don’t blame laziness on being busy :)

    ——————————————— – a great place to waste time, or not!

  2. pmatos said,

    You’re right but not totally correct. Note that not posting has nothing to do with laziness. Posting is fun! If it were work, I wouldn’t do it. Playing is also fun, however, there is a time you allocate for fun and a time for work. Problem is playing is funnier than writing. And that was that! A lot of play, no writing. When I got time to write (mid-nov), I ended up involved in some projects and no time to write. Fortunately the games were easy enough that I could finish them with just a couple of hours playing, otherwise I would end up involved in the projects with definitely no time or writing or (worse) playing!

  3. nunojob said,

    Haskell :)

    saudades :P

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