January 13, 2008

Is this it for the HD war?

Posted in Computers tagged at 3:21 pm by pmatos

As a PS3 owner, I have been tracking closely how the war for HD evolves , i.e. how the war between HD DVD and BluRay goes.

For those not up to it, let me say that up until now there were no reasons for a good looking future for either sides, although there were people throwing a lot of fireworks when BlockBuster started to rent BluRay only. However, only more recently I started wondering if this is it… and unless something major happens, this is really IT!

Besides the fact that regularly amazon.com comes up with the BluRay BOGO deal (Buy One Get One), several major companies have come BluRay exclusive. Worth noting is Warner that backs BluRay exclusively (check this also) . From this day on, things started to get tricky to HD-DVD.

Obviously M$croSoft is also keeping track of what’s happening being one of the most interested in HD DVD winning this war. Seeing BluRay getting the lead it even announced XBox360 may go BluRay is that’s what consumers want. And now, amazon.co.uk is selling 3 BluRays for 2. Let’s not leave HD DVD to die a slow death. Get a bunch of BluRays. :-)

EDIT:  I forgot to mention in the first version of this post that Apple also seems to back BluRay.



  1. madril said,

    “Michael Bay stated that “BluRay is just better.“”

    Michael Bay said that … but Transformers is still a HD-DVD exclusive.

    (I wanna watch Megan Fox on my PS3 !!)

  2. António Afonso said,

    Atenção que a Paramount já desmentiu o rumor da exclusividade Blu-Ray


  3. pmatos said,

    Thanks for the extra information on paramount denial.

  4. […] tagged downfall, hddvd, high definition format, video, youtube at 7:27 pm by pmatos After fireworks movies are […]

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