January 24, 2008

Rich Dad Poor Dad (by: Robert T. Kiyosaki)

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Rich Dad, Poor Dad (Rich Dad) by Richard T. Kiyosaki

Personal Comments:

I can still remember when this book was recommended to me by a friend, in a comment to a post of mine where I said: “I’ll never be rich”. I think it was the first time someone recommended me a book, so I could not ignore it. I added it to my Amazon wishlist, finished what I was reading and got it!

I read the book in a week, so it is a very light, simple to read, small book. It has about 240 pages, the authors english is clear and straightforward. I recommend it!

Now, let me add that there might be some small spoilers for the rest of my comments but nonetheless you should keep reading if you’re unsure about this book. This book is about financial literacy. It is not technical, consider instead a motivacional book on why you should become literate financially. The author talks about how his two dads gave him two very different educations although they were both intelligent man. One education was focused on financial literacy, the other was focused on intelectual literacy. Even though some of his opinions might shock most of us (because we resemble his poor dad) it’s interesting to get some of his ideas, tips, and references to keep being intelectual literates with a foot on the financial side. The book is not an excellent piece of literature, the author very repetitive, so I guess, that you’ll have to stand that if you want to extract the good things the author has to teach. In the end, you’ll disagree with some things and agree with others but I’m sure that you’ll learn some very important things. One is that financial literacy is indeed important, that you can change your life a lot if you do follow some small advices. I would say go for it. It’s a cheap book that can be read in a blink. Thanks Nuno for his recommendation…



  1. Nuno said,

    I’m glad you liked the book. You have exactly the same opinion. Basically the author is no genius writing but some of his ideas, although they’re not new, are nice to know. Well, you survived the introduction. If you want to read more I definitely advise you this one: http://www.amazon.fr/Rich-Dads-Guide-Investing-Invest/dp/0446677469

    It’s bigger, it repeats some of the same ideas but has some great new ones! It’s more directed to creating a business. If you ever decide to read it, I’ll be happy to have your opinion;)

  2. I just read a book called the Lazy Person’s Guide to Investing. first book on the subject i’ve red and he also recommended the book you mentioned. This book was also repetitive, but definitely got me motivated to invest when I get a chance. Just wish it WAS more technical, so I would know better where to start.

  3. Jvon said,

    I got ripped off with the Kiyosaki training program. I paid over $4500 upfront on my credit card. I received two over the phone training sessions before an emergency arose with my family, and I could not continue the sessions, which I immediaely informed them about. When I contacted them many months later, I asked for a partial refund because, I certainly did not get anywhere close to $4500 worth of services.

    They did indicate that they would give me more sessions, but at the time, I was in a desperate situation and was living through an enormous amount of problems, including losing my home, my business, and facing living on the streets. I told them, I could not do the lessons, that I was losing everything, and that I just needed a refund, something, anything, $1000…$500; please just give me something, so I could get a place to live. I begged them for some type of refund, I was desperate. I told them, that I did not receive the services and I deserved to have some of my $4500 plus back. Over $4500. come on, for two 1 hour phone calls. Give me a break. How can you justify keeping my money. They did!

    If they had given me my money back, I probably would have turned around like a fool when I was able and gave it right back to them. But today, I am no longer a fool and I would not give them a dime. I think the man stinks. He doesn’t care about people, he only cares about money. He is full of crap, and I bet that most people who have given him money, have not made anything back.

    When I signed up for the course… he talked about real estate, and was really negative on the subject of stocks. Well, guess what, real estate stunk for a minute, and he’s now selling the concept of stocks. Flow with the wind you pigeon, dropping your crap all over the place as you go.

    He has his paid monkeys prancing around stage, but for the average person forking out the dough, I wonder what their actual return is.

    If you are one of his flunkies, you will probably post and yell and scream at this, while most of his victims will likely not say anything. Rich Dad.. Poor Dad… Well Mr. Kiyosaki, I don’t care how damn many daddies you have, you should have been aborted.

  4. Steven said,

    I do have a collection on Robert Kiyosaki reading materials.
    You are all welcome to http://blog.bizworldabout.com

    For example:
    “Buy assets that generate income first, sure, right? Normally should start from the small property first as it will burden you if it couldn’t be rented out.

    Do research on the place, and read some article on financial literacy. An “I” quadrant is basically a WIN + LOSS game. If you unable to get the rent, how do you solve the problem? Are you out of the game. Ever heard that Rich Dad quite strict to Robert Kiyosaki in teaching?

    Study well and practice well. An asset does not sit there while we all doing nothing. A small asset only looks like a part time income only. It might be your liability if you don’t know how to play.”

    By the way, paying an expensive seminar or couching, actually what do you guys all had in mind? I guess Robert Kiyosaki doesn’t filter those eligible to enter and those not qualified, this might be a controversial couching ever.
    But think again, what USD4500 would able to do for us if we are not ready yet and did not do our own research?

    Robert Kiyosaki also mention that due to advances in Technology and New product, much easier today to learn the necessarily skill for building your own system and quickly develop your financial literacy. ”

    Does, paying a lot of money seems easier to learn?

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