March 12, 2008

RIP, I will not forget you!

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 Everything that has a beginning… Has an end!

— Matrix

He passed out yesterday.

Although I knew this would happen one day I never thought it could happen so soon. He came out in the morning with me and he didn’t feel quite well so we went home earlier and the final blow happened at home. I am deeply sad. He has been with me, day in, day out for 5 years now.  He had not been very healthy lately… For the past months I started feeling the time was coming but why now?

He gave me joys, worries, laughs and he was in fact my door to the outer world. He read my final degree work, my master thesis, my 9 month PhD report and he helped me out with thousands of lines of code. He even deserved some acknowledgemens in my Master thesis. He was and he will always be unique. Goodbye Euler, my mate, my friend, my laptop. Rest In Peace!

Now, I need a new one… and I get two options. Either I buy one or I get one of the research Macbooks lying around the lab until I decide myself. I’ve been flirting with the new Vaio SZ71VN/X. I already found out it is in stock in the nearest Sony Center. What should I do? Hopefully an answer will come up soon.


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  1. I suggest trying out the Macbooks (especially if you can borrow one). I used an iBook G4 for 2.5 years and switched to a Macbook several weeks ago. Really great computers (and operating systems).

    PS. I used Linux exclusively for several years before that.

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