March 24, 2008

Bye, bye MSN

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Some days ago I lost my connection to the MSN network where I often logged in to chat. Suddenly I was unable to logon to the MSN network. Pidgin was only logging onto GTalk and MSN was down. I gave up! For now, GTalk it is…

I’ve just noticed that Microsoft censors MSN conversations (nothing surprising from Microsoft but I just didn’t have any report on it)… Ok, so why not dump MSN once and for all? I don’t think there’s a reason not too… Those who are in my contact list and want to contact me can do it through my email or if they want to chat just connect to GTalk, it’s definitely not hard and at least they are using an open protocol.

So it is done… MSN is officially down for me and GTalk is my only chatting server. My username is pocmatos for those interested.

In the meantime, I also decided to dump Hi5. Another system on which I had an account and where only once in my lifetime was useful. Dumped! No more Hi5 account, no more requests from people I barely know or from people I know and I don’t like. No more spam comments or stuff like that…



  1. Também optei por fazer o mesmo em Setembro do ano passado. Fartei-me da instabilidade do MSN e do tempo que gastava por lá e acabei por usar apenas Gtalk (e só para trabalhar).

    Os meus contactos são todos da minha empresa, com excepção de uns “4 para família e amigos”.

    PS: às vezes o gtalk também nos lixa e é difícil ligar (mas MUITO mais raramente ;o))


  2. gauthma said,

    No que ao hi5 diz respeito, deixar de usá-lo para evitar “requests from people I barely know or from people I know and I don’t like” é bastante genérica:

    “Columnist Cory Doctorow describes how Facebook and other social networks have built-in self-destructs: They make it easy for you to be found by the people you’re looking to avoid.”

  3. pmatos said,

    Thanks for the link!

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