April 4, 2008

The Linux… the Freedom!

Posted in Linux tagged , , at 4:13 pm by pmatos

Regarding my last post on Ubuntu and the next on Leopard [MacOS X 10.5] here’s something…



  1. Paul said,

    Total %$£*! sappy rip-off dork material there buddy.

  2. pmatos said,

    And why do you feel that? Are you a Windows user?!?
    Hey, you do know that it’s much harder to make windows fly than pinguins, right?

    BBC is good… but not THAT good!

  3. Paul said,

    Here’s the original:

    You’re basically stealing the punchline. Linux isn’t about stealing.


  4. pmatos said,

    I didn’t steal anything. I got it from youtube. The guy who did this took the idea from BBC, indeed but that was not me. And I agree… Linux is not about stealing!

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