April 4, 2008

Ubuntu is for U

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Yes, I know… It’s good… why? I tested it for a couple of weeks.  I just came from a longer than usual stay in Portugal and since Euler, my laptop, went dead my girlfriend kindly game gave me a PC to work on. Since I had no time to compile Gentoo from scratch I gave Ubuntu 7.10 a try.

The hype around Ubuntu has in fact its reasons. The installation is fast, straightforward and flawless. You can grab the CD ISO from the web or request a CD to be shipped to you for free. In an hour or so, everything is set up. The design/colours etc, are extremelly appealing and everything seems to fit together nicely.

Network, Cameras, Disks, Display, etc… everything seems to be supported out of the box. The work environment is great without any hassles. If you need a security update, you’re warned about it. If you want some new software, you can install it using a simple package manager. If there’s no package for your software, you’re on linux so you just configure and make the source and install it to usr local, or something similar.

The weeks I spent working on it were very good… however, there are some hassles for those of us who want to have several versions of software installed. Like for example GCC… however, that’s not the common use.

So, let me tell you, dump your Windows, Leopard, SuSE, Fedora, <insert your OS version/distro here> and switch to Ubuntu because most probably Ubuntu is for you.

I… well, I still use Gentoo!



  1. After trying a few other distros I’ve found Ubuntu to be very easy to work with. It has excellent support in the form of their Community Forums. I think its an excellent distro for folks that don’t have the time/ or won’t spend effort to compile gentoo to their liking.

    Some hardcore old timers and RH fans won’t like it, but thats the joy of GNU/LINUX, choice :)

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  3. Debian is for me, Ubuntu can be for you :-)

  4. linuxcrayon said,

    I’ll stick to Slackware. :) Keep your RH, Deb, Ubuntu, and Gentoo. ^_^

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