April 6, 2008

Leopard after 48 Hours

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Forty Eight hours have passed since I started to use a Macbook with Leopard for my everyday task.

Do you know the feeling of living in a friends house, eating their food, sleeping on their coach, peeing on their WC? Well, that’s somewhat how I feel with Mac. Very uncomfortable!!! But let’s try to go into some detail.

The working environment is nice, there are some funny things but nothing impressive or spectacular for someone used to Compiz-Fusion. Many things do work differently than a Linux OS and those do really annoy me since I have been using Linux in both my work/home PC and laptop for about 10 years. I have been seeing nothing else than different distros of Linux… and even about that, I’ve been feeding of Gentoo for the last 6 years. So, please do not expect an unbiased opinion. This is the perspective of a Linux user…

Software installation is simple… too simple… just makes you want install all the shitty stuff you find online and then here’s we are back again on to shareware and friends. I still remember my days of starting windows, finding a shareware, finding a crack, cracking the shareware and using the application. Then my glory days of Linux, now I am back to finding loads of shareware which I need to filter through in order to find some decent freeware.

The terminal… oh the terminal… It’s for some reason as bad as the xterm which is as basic as it gets in Linux, besides, I couldn’t get Home, End, etc working as they should. I just hate it. Moreover, even Gentoo comes with some decent colors configuration for the terminal. Leopard is black and white.

Window management is as terrible as I can find. I can’t fit into my head into why the hell the X button doesn’t close the god damn application. It just sits there waiting to what?!? CMD-Q?

Fink is trying to make a good job into turning Leopard with some decent open-source applications into the Mac world but it is ridden terrible placing of software and lacking support for multiple version installation. I have XCode gcc installed, and I have Fink gcc 4.2 installed… and hey, where’s the simple support for me to choose which one to choose?

Yes, it’s true… Leopard brings some Unix flavour to it… Unix flavour which is 5 years old… gcc 4.0.1?!? Come on…

Now, the most serious stuff… I am imprisioned inside this coffin with a pretty dock, a bar and a pretty background. Ok, ok, I can do some minor tweakings… but hey… I want configuration, flexibility, I want to have a different dock, I want to have a different layout. I HATE the buttons on the left side of the top of window… and can someone tell me the difference between the Close and Minimizing buttons given that the Close doesn’t seem to close anything?!?

I think it is enough for now… :) Don’t worry, I am still breathing!

P.S. The skype version for leopard is excellent! Hey, Skype Linux Team… START WORKING!



  1. Pedro Diogo said,

    Ok, you might have already noticed, but about the close and minimize thing…

    Take Safari as an example. When you close all the windows, they are gone for good, the application stays open on the dock for a quicker start next time. I guess that could be changed with some minor tweaks. When you just minimize them, they’ll appear on the dock, right next to the trash can, not closed.

    Ok there are some minor exceptions. If you close iTunes, the music will keep playing, but I simply can’t live without that.

    I’m a recent switcher, came from Linux, and I can’t be more satisfied. I guess I was not as much dependent from Linux as you are, that all.

  2. phoenux said,

    Lol… Pensei que o problema era meu… À uns tempos pediram-me para dar uma ajuda num Mac, e sendo eu um utilizador de Linux à já uns anos, fui tentar fazer alguma coisa naquele sistema… Bonito é, mas somos tão limitados que até doi, principalmente para quem está habituado a utilizar Linux.

  3. antonio said,

    És o primeira pessoa que vejo mudar para mac que tem uma reacção negativa :|

  4. Nelson Silva said,

    Now here’s something different. I can’t remember the last time I saw a honest review about leopard. This “switching” hype makes everyone go “OMG leopard so cute, i love leopard, can i suck Steve Jobs dick?” and it makes my sick. Sure, it’s ok to like leopard I just don’t get why everyone feels the need to say leopard is the best thing ever. Sure, it’s a good OS but it’s not THAT good..

    Great review anyway, keep it up!

  5. it is a different operating system, of course some things don’t work the same way as in Windows or Linux (some for the worse, most for the better).

    When I switched, the keyboard was my main gripe, but it’s doable. Home and End work differently, as do some other keys but it’s mostly configurable. For the record, I use a US layout all the time as I couldn’t get used to the PT layout.

    Closing the window doesn’t close the app, but like the menu bar at the top it’s a different way of doing things.

    Even if you don’t want to switch permanently, have you read Rui’s howto ? (http://the.taoofmac.com/space/HOWTO/Switch%20To%20The%20Mac)

  6. Rui Carmo said,

    Welcome aboard. I strongly recommend you take a look at my wiki node on switching, where you’ll find a “fix” for the keyboard behaviour you aren’t used to.

    Bear in mind that many of the things you’re used to in Linux aren’t applicable to the OS X userland, which is rather full of BSDisms and tends to feel like “big-iron”, “standard” UNIX – which is rather less frilly than mainstream Linux. Many of the things you’re probably used to, like GNU-style –options in CLI utilities, aren’t there by default (or aren’t available in all commands).

    Still, it’s not much different than, say, moving to Solaris. It’s just a matter of trying to understand what choices were made…

  7. Ricardo said,

    Leopard Docks


  8. Apropos the terminal:
    1. There are colors and http://ciaranwal.sh/2007/11/01/customising-colours-in-leopard-terminal helps.
    2. Set terminal emulation to rxvt. I fixed the keybindings by hand (in both .zshrc and Terminal config)
    3. Close vs. Quit is nice since frequently used apps pop up very quickly. I rarely quit (Cmd-Q) apps these days.
    4. Some shareware is really great. I only spent $38 on these (one app, GraphClick and QuickTime Pro ;-) but OTOH my needs are quite different (CLI, programming, electronics)
    5. Fink&DarwinPorts suck hard compared to PLD Linux (we’ve made some improvements to RPM) or (probably, never used one) Gentoo…
    6. Stop configuring silly buttons, start to work… ;] Seriously: use keyboard shortcuts, Cmd-W, Cmd-H, Cmd-` (switch windows, depends on keyboard layout), Cmd-Tab (switch apps), Cmd-[ and ] (history in Safari), Cmd-{ and } (tabs in Safari, Adium and macVim) I click (and look at) the color buttons maybe once a month…

  9. gauthma said,

    Regardless of everything else, I agree with you on the buttons on the left side of the top of the window: it sucks big time!

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