April 7, 2008

Dell is going for it…

Posted in Computers tagged , , at 4:41 pm by pmatos

If Apple is good in one thing is Design. However, it won’t take long at other companies to catch up…

Imagine Linux running on this beauty… Impressive, isn’t it?!?



  1. actually, I think it will be a very long wile.

    especially because everyone is trying to copy apple’s designs, which is kind’a dumb because people hate rip offs by default.

    Apple got where it is today by developing cunning business models and by using a lot of peripheral view over things, with a rather unhealthy amount of “f— you” attitude to anything that doesn’t tickle their fancy. (or last post is a fine example of that attitude’s aftermath)

    one fine example of that is Ross Lovegrove’s talk on TED, where he states that he was contacted by Sony with the challenge “how do we beat apple” he proposed something “out of the box” and Sony discarded the idea, a few years later, they are using apple’s macbook keyboards and sugar frosting like finishes on their vaio’s…

    to catch up with apple you need 2 guys in a garage again. you need balls. something the market as lost waaaaay back in the day.


    watch it all…it’s brilliant, but the Sony bit is at 12:50

  2. António Afonso said,


    It looks to me that with the Apple iMac you can get the same(better?) deal:

    This Dell costs £999 which is 1270€ (according to google), in the Portuguese Apple Store you can buy an iMac for 1289€, it’s 19€ expansive, the differences are:

    Dell Apple
    21″ Display 20″ Display
    Core 2 2.20GHz,2MB,800MHz Core 2 2.0GHz,4MB,800MHz
    Integrated Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator 3100 ATI Radeon HD 2400 XT com 128 MB

    if you don’t mind losing 1″ on the display you can get better graphics and a faster machine with the same money (+19€) :-)

  3. pmatos said,

    Antonio Afonso… at this time I would pay MORE just not to have an Apple on the back of my screen! :)

  4. pmatos: That is just….. dumb.

  5. pmatos said,

    Gustavo: it is… anti-apple!

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