April 7, 2008


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I am really pissed off… What do Leopard lovers say (and yet, I am an animal lover) when …


How is it possible that there’s no support for ReiserFS?!? Ok, maybe reiserfs this and that but not even to Ext2/3. And no, the god damn project at http://sf.net/projects/ext2fsx doesn’t work for Leopard. So either I stick to Apple’s HFS+ or I stick to M$ FAT32… I am so soooooooo pissed off at Apple that I will use FAT32 for all my external HDs and run away from Apple soon!




  1. não sei se ajuda mas cá vai:



    GNU/Linux suporta HFS+, que sistemas é que é suposto interagirem?



  2. Marco said,

    Maybe OSX isn’t cut out for you.. Just go with Ubuntu, it will probably do whatever you wanted to get from a Mac and still maintain the freedom you want/need. 8.04 is really solid and polished, it’s awesome to look at the improvements in each new release, and on top of that, it’s free!

  3. Nuno Mariz said,

    I say(and I’m not a Leopard or Apple lover), return to linux. Each one uses the OS that fits their needs. Obvious Macosx doesn’t fits yours.

  4. Paulo Köch said,

    Mariz +1

    No support for zfs yet? Wierd, I thought it was out some time ago.

  5. pmatos said,

    Joel, as far as I am aware from reading the forums, there’s no write support.

  6. pmatos said,

    Mariz, I definitely agree with you but I will keep Mac for a little bit more until I get a Dell Laptop. Until then, I am sure I will have more ranting to do.


    Paulo Matos

  7. Nuno Mariz said,

    Paulo, no OS is perfect. Right now I’m using both(Macosx at home and Linux at work – desktop and server) and sometimes I miss a feature of each other.
    Your problem with the file system is kind of critical, but I think with the macfuse can be solved(I know, sounds likes hacking but it’s a solution).

  8. And why do you need something other than HFS+ or FAT32 on external drives?

  9. pmatos said,


    Who cares why do I need it? Do you know what freedom of choice means?

  10. Freedom of choice means that you may use Linux instead of OS X. You seem to be very disappointed with OS X but maybe you just need to change some of your habits. (and don’t say you don’t want to; you wouldn’t be changing OSes if you didn’t want to) I had to and I still miss ctrl/alt-drag window resizing/moving but I’m very happy with OS X nevertheless. I also miss the adventure of system administration and testing new system software (upstart, init-ng and all the other cool Linux stuff popping up these days) but OTOH I have a system that always works (since I’m not messing with it) and huge amounts other stuff to learn and play with.

    I don’t need Reiser on OS X and I’m happy with Apple engineers fixing bugs instead of implementing new file systems. It’s not that Reiser or JFS or XFS would not be nice but it’s certainly not critical (and I use all three: Reiser4, ext3 and XFS on Linux) and there are still things in OS X that need fixing. SSH (via MacFUSE, sshfs, and MacFusion) is my file system of choice for all my machines.

    Maybe it’s that I just have a different bias but are you sure that supporting many incompatible [1] file systems is so important?

    [1] Only HTS+ really supports everything OS X uses. Maybe they’ll migrate to xattrs completely in future versions but currently they still support resource forks which don’t work on anything but HFS+.

  11. pmatos said,

    Just to clear things out… I am using Mac OS X because this was the only computer the department had for me at the moment. Soon enough I’ll have a brand new Dell to install Linux too and then, oh yes, I am back to Heaven. ;)

  12. So that’s the thing I was missing. You don’t have any reason to change your habits. :)

    OTOH I encourage you to try to play with OS X. You may find that it is a quite decent UNIX altogether. And the pretty graphics are an added bonus. Just don’t expect it to be identical to Linux (someone commented about BSD mainframe UNIX feel; that’s probably a good approximation).
    I was surprised to find out what’s a Linuxizm and what’s really POSIX. :)

  13. pmatos said,


    Yes, I am trying to take advantage of my stay with Apple. Trying to learn some new things and getting into the habit of not being a Linux-dependent. On my way… I am ranting! Thanks for listening! :)

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