April 9, 2008

Movies from PC to PSP

Posted in Gaming tagged , , at 9:04 pm by pmatos

Well, this is just the simple procedure, ill-documented, on how to pass movies from the PC to the PSP. Given the movies have to be in a specific format of video/audio, I would recommend you to get Handbrake (available for Linux, MacOSX, and Windows). This software has a profile specific for PSP encoding.

After the encoding connect the PSP to the PC through USB and activate the USB connection on the PSP by going to System -> USB connection [this may vary with firmware] and open the drive that shows up on your PC. Create a VIDEO folder [no other name is supported] and move the file there [there are places misguiding you to create a MP_ROOT directory… don’t do this, it won’t work, at least not in current 3.95 firmware].

You can watch the video by accessing it in you PSP through the Movies selection menu.

Have fun!



  1. Ozan said,

    Thank You so much I have been doing all this other crap to try and get it to work and show up.You made my day thanks

  2. Kalm said,

    Yeah I’d like to second Ozans comments – nice and simple works a treat.
    Cheers..Minority Rules!

  3. J said,

    still true 2 years after it was written, on a brand new PSP3000. Why does the VIDEO folder not exist to start with? And why does it have to be in a completely different level in the structure from the other folders?. And then not documented? Bizarre.

  4. mathias said,

    that doesn’t work for me :s

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