April 9, 2008

Run for your lives

Posted in Computers tagged , , at 1:12 pm by pmatos

Guess what? Running is a very popular activity around here [like coffee drinking], however, running seems to be healthy [errr, that’s what the doctors say] and you can do it for a cause [besides your health].

Two of the brilliant people around here, Jeniffer Sorge and Noura Abbas, are organizing a run at the Winchester for AAIR 10K Road Race and we are all participating. We are ECS runs like the wind and we are running for Action Against Hunger cause. It can’t get better! :)

We are training every tuesday and thursday at 8am, usually with freezing cold which although can make your hands numb, provides some great photos opportunities [some will be shown soon].

It would, however, be lovely to raise some money for the cause, so a page is set up to receive your donations at http://www.justgiving.com/ecsrunslikethewind

Remember, every cent/penny counts and every amount it worth it! :)

If we can run faster than others, it’s because we are being helped by the wind.

— ECS runs like the wind


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