May 14, 2008

What not to show in your presentations…

Posted in Computers, Life tagged , , at 12:19 pm by pmatos

I am in the middle of a presentation of my research group on operational semantics for some specific models and as soon as the presentation started a joke was thrown about models… “I work with models. I have many people sending me emails because they also want to work with models. [Display a photo of a skinny, young, half-naked american (human) model] But when I say I do not work with these kinds of models… people never call me again.”

First, these sexist jokes do not do you any good with a vast audience containing men, women from different nationalities and cultures. If you can’t find other joke, shut up. It is not the first time this happens and although there is always people who find it is funny, it is not good for the presenter image do show something like this.

You are talking for a whole audience, not only men and if so probably not only heterosexual men. So, why show a woman? Why a skinny one? Or why young? I find these things unfortunate mainly from researchers I respect. If you start thinking about all this you’ll find out that you’re better off keeping these jokes for pub meetings or family dinners or whatever but never on presentations!!!



  1. anonymous said,

    What’s wrong with that joke?!
    Is it sexist to acknowledge the *fact* that there are models? And that models usually (allways) are skinny and young? And that most models are women?

    I think its a perfectly reasonable joke and damn good one if you ask me.

    Why would a woman or a homosexual man feel uncomfortable when hearing this joke?

    Are you arguing that telling a joke on a presentation is bad? Or just these “kind” of jokes? (What kind is this joke, anyway?)

  2. pmatos said,

    Soon, more about this on a post in a blog near you…

  3. hav0x said,

    you took the joke wayyy too seriously.

    it’s a good joke. laugh ffs

  4. hircus said,

    Unlike the other commenters, I do find the joke rather tasteless, especially in a work contest. I’m not sure I’d use it in a family dinner either, though! Probably on a guy’s night out but even then, not really my cup of tea.

    (noticed your post on plt-scheme, and then when Googling for “plt-scheme set!”, found your ICFP ’07 post, so I’m just dropping by to say hullo!)

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