June 8, 2008

The day arrived…

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As I mentioned sometime ago we were preparing for a 10K run which was today.

Since this run brought me so many different feeling I though about sharing them with you Kilometer by Kilometer:

  • Km 0: Oh well, this is it. The day came, we are around 700-800 people (at least I saw a guy with identifier 725), there are people of all ages. This will definitely be fun and it is not cold so it is good! I even saw the map to know where we were going through and it doesn’t seem that hard! Yes, Yes, lets go!
  • Km 1: Argh… this is quite hilly. Well, if I am going up, I will certaintly come down (since the end is in the same place as the beginning). Oh… just keep running… Oh no, that 60 year old woman just overtook me… AM I A MAN OR WHAT?
  • Km 2: OH MY GOD, I can’t take it no more, it feels like 50 degrees celsius, I am already getting tired and I am being overtook from people whose age range from 16 to 80…
  • Km 3: Ahhhhhhhhhh, there’s a sign there saying 3Km??? 3Km??? Really? I would expect it to be 5 or something like that… Ok, I won’t make it. I really won’t make it.
  • Km 4: Ok, this is it… lets run a little bit slower otherwise I won’t make it… Probably I will just have an heart attack and that is it…
  • Km 5: Ahhhhhh, there’s a sign saying drinks are nearby… good… a glass or water, a wet sponge… just what I needed. Obviously most water went through my nose (given that drinking without running is quite hard) but at least I am refreshed… Yes, I will do it… lets go. Lets try to overtake this old man… :)
  • Km 6: Ok, I need more water, that was not enough. Will there be more water? Argh, we have still a couple more Km to go… :(
  • Km 7: These marshalls that keep telling me that I am doing really well can only be having loads of fun from my nasty, wet, tired, completely destroyed face. I know when I am not doing well, why do they keep telling me “Well done”? At least they gOt me water once more but where is the sponge this time? I WANT THE SPONGE!
  • Km 8: Ah, a marshall just told that we are almost done, probably the finishing line is just a meters away… wait… I am seeing something there. Argh, without glasses I cannot see… Wait!!! It’s becoming clear… 8KM??!?!?!?!?!? Eeeeeeight Kilomeeeeeeters? Oh no, Oh God. I can’t take it. It is just too much for me. Wait, there’s an ambulance there, what if I just break a leg?!? Please god, break my leg! Oh no, another hill… hey god, I asked for a leg breaker, not a hill… hummf, it seems we are having communications problems.
  • Km 9: Ok, I won’t do this ever again in my whole life, you can be sure of that!
  • Km 10: Ok, just one kilometer… oh well, the finish line, where is it?……. well, this seems to be the longest kilometer I have ever seen. A down hill??? with no finish line? Hey, this is not a kilometer… but ok, it must be finishing… AHHHHHHHHH the finish line… run, run, run faster… lets finish… Phew… It’s done! Excellent… I did it… I am alive… I am the champion, I am really good. Ok, when is the next one???

Statistics, photos will come soon. Anyway, my persistence, physical stamina, strenght and resistance took me through the first kilometer. Jenny and Noura, my friends from ECS, took me the rest of the way so, thanks to them. heh


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