July 6, 2008

Indocrination of Children in Religion

Posted in Life tagged at 1:54 pm by pmatos

Indocrination : Teaching someone to accept doctrines uncritically

Indocrination of children into religion should be considered a crime and punished as such.

Although the different levels of indocrination may sometimes have light-years difference in their long term effects on children behaviour, all are bad and even those that advertise harmlessness should be avoided at all costs.

I, for example, was baptized as a child and even though no harm has been brought to me it did me no good either and can be seen as basically just a waste of time for the parents and the child.

Worse cases of indocrination [1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9] are not only a huge waste of children time but worse… they are a destructive agent of their personality hindering for ever many of the basic capabilities an adult should have.

Indocrination promotes segregation. In many religions children are not only separated by genres but also religion. They do not have the opportunity to socialize with people from different beliefs which would promote questioning and doubt, the essential foundations of our current civilization.

Indocrination promotes self-certainty. Children when left by themselves learn the right way, by observing, questioning and experimenting. Indocrination sets them prisioners of unproved, untested, unfounded and illogical beliefs. Makes them part of a society that doesn’t think, doesn’t ask and doesn’t care.

Indocrination promoted fear. Fear of forbidden things, fear of being observed by the great saviour that floats above us. Fear of talking and discussing what, as indocrinated, is sacred and should not be doubted.

Fear, self-certainty and segregation work circularly. Segregation doesn’t allow them to talk with others of different beliefs leading to lack of knowledge interchange, fear doesnt allow them to break the rules they were set to follow and cannot test or disprove, and self-certainty doesn’t allow them to ask themselves why they should have fear, why they should follow the rules or why these rules exist in the first place.

Nowhere people think, for example, that children should be indocrinated with their parents politics views. So, why religion? We let children grow first so that they can then make a wise, concious decision regarding politics. Why not the same for religion?

I would applause a parent, who while not indocrinating his child into their own religion, would accept his child when adult adopting beliefs contrary to their own.

My take, however, for the need for religion to be indocrinated instead of adopted is that children left to try the world on their own would live happily ever after without it. They would be the first to understand that religion is a land mine camp beneath a beautiful garden.

Religious indocrination is harmful, should be considered dangerous and avoided for the greater good of humanity!


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