July 12, 2008

ICFP in 10 Hours

Posted in Programming tagged , , at 1:24 pm by pmatos

As you all know, ICFP Contest started yesterday at 12.00 PDT. It is about a rover in Mars…

Unfortunately this year I am working in Lleida, Spain for a couple of weeks, including weekends, which means no ICFP Contest for me. However, I have decided to dedicate 10 hours (in 2 slots of 5 non-stop hours each) to the contest. So, today I will be working from 8.00pm to 1.00am and tomorrow the same and this year I will be programming in C++.

I will let you know what you can achieve in 10hours of C++ after the contest ends… Stay tuned!

For all the other participants… good luck!


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  1. […] in Programming tagged C++, icfp, Programming at 7:22 am by pmatos The 10 Hours have passed. The result is an unfinished C++ implementation of a rover. In fact, all I did in the 10 hours was […]

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