July 12, 2008

THE Job Opportunity

Posted in Life, Programming tagged , , , at 12:50 pm by pmatos

For those of you seeking something to do… this is not a job opportunity but THE job opportunity. Unfortunately I cannot do it right now, otherwise I have no doubts in my mind I would apply.

Some quotes I like from the job application:

If you prefer to use Java or .NET then you definitely should not apply for this job. We do not like those languages at all. We feel strongly that those languages are like diseases. However, we do not mind if you currently develop in one of those languages and, like a refugee from a war zone, are seeking to escape.

Even though we like and respect Perl, Python, and Ruby on Rails, if you prefer to use one of these languages then you should not apply for this job either. We know Perl is for the old-timers, Python is what they use at Google, and that all the cool kids these days use Ruby on Rails.


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