July 13, 2008

Crack the Cracker!

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Well, for those of you coming late to the cracker story that is infuriating a bunch of lunatic, extremist, fanatic, religious maniacs, I am sorry but I won’t tell it for you. However, I will reference it…

It all started in a church (where else?) where Webster Cook took a Eucharist (the white cracker thingy) to show his friend.

Fanatics handled this as if it was a hostage situation.

After so many stories, PZ Meyers a biologist and fellow atheist wrote his is blog that after all this is a Frackin’ Cracker. Along with several references which you should follow to read the full stories.

Obviously it didn’t take long for the Catholic League people to reply and I quote the most irritating bit:

“It is hard to think of anything more vile than to intentionally desecrate the Body of Christ. We look to those who have oversight responsibility to act quickly and decisively.”

These people are decided to ruin PZ Meyers life also (yeah, because Webster Cook is already in bad sheets). Given the fanatics asked for people to contact President of University of Minesotta Robert H. Bruininks, PZ Meyers along with the RichardDawkins.net retaliate by asking you to do the same.

I have done my share and wrote an email to the President of the University of Minesotta which follows:

Dear President Robert Bruininks,

It is with the utmost respect that I am sending you this short email
(because I understand your time is not much) in support of PZ Meyers.
I am a Portuguese PhD student in the University of Southampton, UK
which regularly reads PZ Meyers blog along with several other science
blogs in the blogosphere.

It is with deep regret that I have read the Catholic League post that follows:
Although I don’t know PZ Meyers personally, but being a frequent
reader of his blog and knowing the details of this story not only
through the media but also the blogosphere I have to share you with my

PZ Meyers in his post
was objective and stated his personal views on the situation along
with a sarcastic comment regarding his attitude against crackers. It
is obviously an extremist attitude from the part of the Catholic
League of trying to sack this good man and scientist for his personal
views. We are in the 21st century where reason should rule. And if
reason rules in the bottom of the issue we have a cracker which is
interpreted symbolically by a group of people and that’s it. Let them
do whatever they want with the cracker but please let PZ Meyers out of
his. If we let these people go ahead with their wishes, we are only
satisfying a group of extremists that will worsen their attitude
against people just to impose their will. Today they are joining
forces to bring a man down because of a cracker… what is then,
coming next?

This is a good man and doesn’t deserve to be treated like this. I hope
I can grow old reading PZ Meyers science stories.

Best Regards,

Paulo Jorge Matos – pocm at ecs.soton.ac.uk
PhD Student @ ECS
University of Southampton, UK

Obviously this doesn’t end here. More hatred and more posts here and here.

I can’t really understand these religious fanatics or the way they speak just because of a tasteless cracker. After all of this, I wish we could do a cracker party where we could all desecrate one of these cookies. After all, they are tasteless and not even the blessing helps on giving it some flavour… I would be angry tought if people desecrated an Oreo… oh, I would me mad with that! :)

My take is… leave Webster Cook alone, leave PZ Meyers alone… this whole thing is just an amuzing stupidity by the religious idiots that see the body of a dead guy in a tasteless cookie… If you think critically about all of this you can just laugh at the christians and be sad that this is happen in plain 21st century!


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  1. Charles Laurent said,

    I read your blog, and if I may, I want to share a brief comment with you. First, I know you are a quite clever man, Ph.D., an academic. I hope you can understand my reasons for this brief comment, made with all respect and with the idea of giving my personal perspective.
    As you probably know, for Catholics the consacrated host is Christ himself. I know that this may sound, as you said “idiotic” and “sad” but that is our belief, that was and is shared, by the way, by many clever men and women, many Science men like you.
    Apart from that, even if you don’t agree with that idea, I think that all the comments regarding that have been specially cruel due to the fact that is a Catholic belief. I see, for example, that you write -I know that sarcastically-the idea of making a “party to desecrate the cracker”. I wonder -just for the sake of the idea- and I want to stress that in an absolutely academic exercise, how that same statement works with any other religious belief or symbol in the world that you want to chose, dear to a group of people, even if it is not based upon reason. Anything. Just take “Catholic” out and see how it sounds and I quote “I wish we could do a party to desecrate the…. holy Druidic tree/Aztec Image worship by Indians/Sacred Shiva idol/That Holy Book which is not even touch by the Jewish people/The holy banner of the light of the xxx in the Middle East/the Flag of that country/The totem of American Natives” Why suddenly does the same statement becomes unpolitically correct and uncool? And I can bet that you wouldn’t write something like that, and I agree with that respect and I think it’s great. You know that for many, those things are precious symbols and some even more than symbols. God himself for somebody. Just as the consacrated host for us. Know, if you like, take the exercise changing what happened with any other denomination, and see how you feel about it. Perhaps the same. Perhaps.
    Anyway, thanks for reading this long posting. And good luck with the studies! By the way, all my family loves Portugal! Great place!

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