July 14, 2008

An Honest, Concise Opinion on Female Mutilation…

Posted in Life tagged , , , at 11:42 pm by pmatos

Well, sometimes you are lucky enough to have an honest friend which tells you what they really think by expressing themselves as openly as possible.

One of my friends (which shall remain anonymous) watched a TV documentary regarding the Koran and besides a lot of questions that the documentary raised, it also raised the following comment on female mutilation that I found delicious:

OMG, there is just a show about the Koran on TV… Very interesting!
They discussed female genital mutilation where they told that 97% of girls in Egypt have to experience that – Fuck Them!!!
They say that with female mutilation (circumcision), the women don’t run around and fuck with all the men… But how about the men??? They are not mutilated… How about cutting their balls off???

My friend also provided with an online reference for female circumcision in Egypt.

Thank you for this paragraph of pure honesty… When I think about the subject, my thoughts are similar but it is hard for me to put it out as well as you did!


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