July 14, 2008

Software Release : Testament v3.0

Posted in Life tagged , , , at 11:52 pm by pmatos

For those that are not aware, God was the first Software Engineer in the Universe. Note, how he was able to release two versions of the same crappy testament software and still convince people to use it…

Anyway, I bring news about a release that will probably be announced soon enough (although people have told that there has been going on a closed beta of this already running in some communities):

Testament v3.0 release, changelog:
– Bug Fixes on some paragraphs that generated too much discussion and led some people to use open source Science v1.34beta software;
– Inclusion of support for Gay relations;
— Which includes the removal of all paragraphs related to gay hatred;
— and some chapters including detailed stories about gay relationships Jesus might have had during his life;

Users of version 2.0 (codename New Testament) are recommended that they upgrade to this version (codename Brand New Testament) as soon as possible since support for this version will cease in the coming months (which means prayers will stop being answered to people using this version).


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