September 11, 2008

Frycling and other adventures…

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When you start frycling, there’s no turning back…

Well, I could go on telling you a really nice, painless, and effortless story but truth is… I don’t really know how it happened. In the beginning of the year we started running casually, and soon enough I was doing my first 10K run.

A small break was taken after the 10K and soon enough I were back to running. However, an obcession grew in me beginning in the end of July and running became a daily activity. I was quickly joined by a friend and also ECS student Jenny Sorge. We both run several times a week consisting of at least one half-marathon and an accumulated distance of a marathon per week. Besides that, we decided to endeavour ourselves into adventurous cycle touring. To our kind of cycling we called it frycling.

We decided to start training for a Europe Bike Tour to take place next Easter mingled with some [half-]marathons in between. So, to start I will be present in the Lisbon Half Marathon next September, 28th and we will be present in Lisbon Marathon next December, 7th. In the middle we might run Gosport Half Marathon and a couple of long bike rides.

Since this involves a lot of planning and training we decided to put everything into blog form for all of those interested at the blog of our team.



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