September 29, 2008

Dimensions, a must see…

Posted in Education tagged , , , , , , , at 1:23 pm by pmatos

Sometimes, some people devote themselves to create material for others in order to educate them. Sometimes, a gem comes out… Dimensions… une promenade mathematique is one such gem. Available as a cheap DVD (which you should buy) and as a free download provides you with a very deep insight regarding some excellent and entertaining animations which educate you all the way through the dvds. (with several audio languages available and even more languages as subtitles)

Found this gem through my friend Catarina Dias, the mathematician responsible for QNED. Thank you!

I can only say that students and teachers alike have a lot to learn from this way of teaching mathematics. The chapters on dimensions (dimension 2 and 3) and on complex numbers provides numerous insights not seen elsewhere in this fashion. No book can explain you things this way, no book can provide you so much intuition in such an easy fashion.

If you always wanted to gain insight into mathematics and wished people could just upload the subject into your brain, this is as close as you’ll get to it. Entertaining, fun, educational, this is Dimensions, an awesome adventure into dimensions, complex numbers, fibrations and proof. Get it now and enjoy it with your family!


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