October 11, 2008

Disappointed Students Scene…

Posted in Life tagged , at 10:02 am by pmatos

Unfortunately I can’t draw a cartoon but I can set the picture…

An enthusiastic student had a brilliant idea… he writes the problem statement in the first page and a long solution in the pages that follow, he is happy… he finally had that idea… he’s going to turn the world upside down. He goes to the lab and waits for the supervisor to arrive. He arrives!!! Without delay the student enters his supervisors office, pen on the right hand, papers on the left and says:

– Professor, I solved a very interesting industrial grade problem with a very smart algorithm.

The Professor looks at the first page for a few seconds, reads the problem statement, returns the papers to the student and says:

– No you didn’t, this problem is reducible to the Halting Problem.

The student frown, grabs the papers and leaves…


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  1. To be continued….

    “Supervisor steals student’s idea, publishes it and wins some big scientific prize!”

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