October 24, 2008

USB Sniffer for Windows Vista

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Well, for very strong reasons to be uncovered in a later post (which I hope to publish soon) I need a USB Sniffer for Windows Vista.

Unfortunately, all free ones (yes, I am not thinking about paying for them) are not vista compat, and I only know 2:

So, this post is basically a help request for people out there… if you know one usb sniffer working under vista, please, please, let me know. :) [I shall thank you on every post that follows regarding this subject]



  1. jpc said,

    These are the only free ones AFAIK. You may try using a trial from HHD Software [1], they have a really good sniffer (sniffs enumeration too) and you can usually capture everything you need during the 14-day trial period.

    [1]: http://www.hhdsoftware.com/Family/usb-monitor.html

  2. vlad said,

    You can also try to sniff with USBlyzer. They give you fully functional evaluation version for 33 days!

  3. Robert said,

    I am developing a driver which simulates EHCI and USBport funcationlity and loads the USB Root Hub driver. But for some reasons Generic USB Hub is getting loaded on top of USB Root Hub driver.

    Can anyone help? How to solve this problem

  4. betterworldforus said,

    yeah the usblyzer is way better!

    its easy to understand!

    but u have to buy it!



  5. David said,

    I apparently have the opposite problem. I’m working with VMware Workstation. When I try to bring up a virtual machine, I’m told: “… If you have installed USB traffic monitoring software on the host system, please remove it.”

    I did not install “USB traffic monitoring software”, nor do I know how to find if I have such software. I’m running Vista (x64) Home Premium.

    The one VMware tech person I’ve been in touch with has been of no help.

  6. Jay said,

    is updated to work with Vista. It no longer suppores 98 and 2K but does XP and Vista in x32 and x64 modes.

  7. I am using HHD software ..Great but I would like a real Analyser that shows everything …but ….. $$$ PPPP EEEE !!!
    Reason : Trying to implement FFB for a joystick and I am litterally bogged in understanding the full traffic from IL2 (HOST flight Sim) to the device (PIC 18F2550)The In’s : Ok, The OUT’s : Ok , but the Features stuff foxes me…
    I have everything else working perfectly even Key board access

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