October 28, 2008

First Steps with Forerunner 405

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This is just an initial post regarding my recent gadget: the Garmin Forerunner 405.

A review can be found here and this initial post is the beginning of a technical approach to reverse engineering its protocol.

More info and data soon. Moreover, if you own this forerunner and are able to provide USB Traces in text form, please let me know.


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  1. Terry said,

    Until today as work @ Foot Solutions – Bus.Dev & Social Media
    You are correct with your concern with shoes and orthotics by the way. Over 95% of the shoes are not designed to be fitted with an orthotic. In most case the Podiatry Industry has permitted those who use an over the counter insert or an a custom fitted to be satisfied with the compromise an ill fitted result.

    At the same time there are many whom will be fitted using the size & width along with the prescribed orthotic to give the best solution to an individuals foot dynamics.

    Actual I was in research mode looking to the cycling cleats and how they have or have not sought an orthotic in the cleat design.

    side note – Having cycled and done over 300 elite tri & biathlons as a coach I have seen great leaps in innovation since 1981.

    Got to run stay in touch & ride alert…

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