November 15, 2008

In England every night is Halloween

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Even though this post is based on my experience in Southampton, I doubt it is different in the rest of England. In fact, elsewhere might be worse but I can’t see how.

I have to say I rarely go out at night for a drink or even more rarely dancing (in this case rarely means never), however, I have my share of knowing the night in Southampton.

One day [I do remember it quite well as it was the first, however, images which unfortunately I keep with me, where harvested from the Southampton nights from the last couple of years] I left home at night in search for a place to have an expresso (gosh, I was a “Portuguese in England”) somewhere, just to find out that no pubs sell coffee (or in general, warm drinks) past 6pm. I also found out that contrary to my belief Portuguese teenage girls were not the sluts I thought they were. Because if they were, I had no word to describe english teenage girls. As such, I have to upgrade Portuguese teenage girl status and promote english teenage girls to their new rank.

Throughout my stay in Southampton (already in its third year) my night outs, lately for night running, I could only confirm this fact. Girls basically undress to go to the pubs or clubs, at a temperature that might scratch the zero degrees to have [a lot of] drinks and who knows what else. Never had I seen teenagers shaking on the street due to the cold, undressed and standing on their extremely high and shaky high heels, with enough make up that would make anyone wonder how much they spent on it.

Linus Torvalds blogs that in the US, in Halloween:

… pre-teen girls dress up (or rather, down) as sluts, because it’s the one night of the year when it’s cute to look like a under-age hooker.

In the UK, it’s hooker-night, and consequently Halloween, every single day! Never was I so worried about the raising of a child in this country. Never was I so worried about what kind of education do English parents provide kids that dress like this every single night.

Never was I so worried about not having a word to describe these girls… because hookers from where I come from, are paid!


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  1. Good observation. Experienced the same thing when visiting Birmingham. You really have to slut yourself up to overdo some of these English girls.

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