November 25, 2008

The Presentation that sets New Standards

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In October 1958, John McCarthy published one in a series of reports about his then ongoing effort for designing a new programming language that would be especially suited for achieving artificial intelligence. That report was the first one to use the name LISP for this new programming language. 50 years later, Lisp is still in use. This year we are celebrating Lisp’s 50th birthday.

Lisp was fifty last month. Happy Birthday!

Most importantly, Guy Steele and Richard Gabriel did a presentation that sets a new standard on presentations. Funny, provocative, original, concise and bright!!! A must see… a must re-see…


If one day I manage to do something similar, I will feel accomplished! Congratulations to the speakers!



  1. Oscar Pereira said,

    Being quite the LISP fan, you thought you’d like this:

    FP [functional programming] won’t make your word processing program faster or better. But there are domains where it is highly useful, and in particular FP looks like the paradigm of choice for unlocking the power of multicore processors. Functional programming languages are ideally suited to, as one developer succinctly puts it, “solving the multicore problem.”


  2. Thnaks for the link I really enjoyed it.

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