March 4, 2009

Meow, this is λ!

Posted in Life at 2:57 pm by pmatos

Time goes fast and it is scary the time I took to write something more here than a ‘I am alive!’ post.

Making a very happy story, short: me and my girlfriend started to live together, finished my pre-thesis report for the PhD (hopefully the final thesis date will have a 2009 on it), got an awesome house in Southampton, we moved in and today… we got λ.

λ is our new female cat with 10months that we adopted from the BlueCross. Although the adoption process took around a week and a half and involved a home visit it went smoothly and we have it with us now. She is a beautiful black cat which as soon as she arrived home, and once the door of the carrier was opened, she jumped out. None of the ‘scared’, ‘shy’ stuff we were worried about.

First interesting report was to book a vet appointment, the reception girl asked us for her name and we said λ. She looked at us with a strange look and we said: ‘λ : as in the Greek letter’. Funny enough, she said: ‘Can you spell it?’ Argh… HEY, IT’S A LETTER…
Although I didn’t say that, I thought it and ended up spelling it for her… l… a… m… b… d… a, but it should be written as a single character.

Soon I will give you the first photos! :)



  1. C.G. said,

    λ, now that is one awesome name. Way better than naming our cats with the common overused cuddly names, like “Miminho”, or “Bolinha”.

    I always end up giving non-usual names to my cats, even if everyone else is calling them by other name.

  2. C.G. said,

    Oh, and do I detect a Half-Life influence over her name? ;D

    • pmatos said,

      Not really… It is influenced by the lambda operator from Scheme (or Functional Programming languages in general).

      I have to confess that even though I am quite adicted to FPSs on my PS3, I never played Half-Life! :) But not you just made me think I should get it! heh

  3. Kellene said,

    I notice that a cat that is predominantly out of the kitten phase is much more likely to jump out and actively take over the space. Enjoy!

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