November 25, 2008

The Presentation that sets New Standards

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In October 1958, John McCarthy published one in a series of reports about his then ongoing effort for designing a new programming language that would be especially suited for achieving artificial intelligence. That report was the first one to use the name LISP for this new programming language. 50 years later, Lisp is still in use. This year we are celebrating Lisp’s 50th birthday.

Lisp was fifty last month. Happy Birthday!

Most importantly, Guy Steele and Richard Gabriel did a presentation that sets a new standard on presentations. Funny, provocative, original, concise and bright!!! A must see… a must re-see…


If one day I manage to do something similar, I will feel accomplished! Congratulations to the speakers!


November 24, 2008

A Music to Wake up…

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When I taught Lisp in Portugal, I used to pass this song to my students in their 1st year to get them in the mood… Lets hope this gets you into the mood also and find some time to look at this language! :)

November 13, 2008

Fortune of the Day

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Unix Commands for Sex – If you’re not doing it right, try this…

init, uncompress, gasp;
finger; find, route, whereis, which, mount;
nice, more; yes; gasp;
head, halt, renice, restore, touch, whereis, which, route, mount, more, yes, gasp,
            umount, expand, ping, make clean;

October 28, 2008

First Steps with Forerunner 405

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This is just an initial post regarding my recent gadget: the Garmin Forerunner 405.

A review can be found here and this initial post is the beginning of a technical approach to reverse engineering its protocol.

More info and data soon. Moreover, if you own this forerunner and are able to provide USB Traces in text form, please let me know.

October 24, 2008

USB Sniffer for Windows Vista

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Well, for very strong reasons to be uncovered in a later post (which I hope to publish soon) I need a USB Sniffer for Windows Vista.

Unfortunately, all free ones (yes, I am not thinking about paying for them) are not vista compat, and I only know 2:

So, this post is basically a help request for people out there… if you know one usb sniffer working under vista, please, please, let me know. :) [I shall thank you on every post that follows regarding this subject]

August 19, 2008

The Memories of a Gamer

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As a gamer, as I always have been through my life, we all have memories but today I was asked:

If for some reason you could only play one more game before you died, from past, present or future.

What would it be and why?

Well, I thought but the answer was quick and clear. No other gaming moment beats it. And no gaming moment beats it because it has all the important elements in a gamers life: family, fun, devotion and entertainment. Here’s my reply:

Command and Conquer: Red Alert networked with my mother and brother.

That was definitely one of the best times I had in my gaming life. I was able to play against my brother and my mother at the same time, in the same house. We were literally screaming at each other, each time we blew something up! Oh oh oh… I miss those times!

Obviously I have to say I can’t wait for Red Alert to come to the PS3, that will be definitely a pre-order! However, unfortunate, there are news that EA halted its PS3 development but I shall not hope fade away… I shall not!

July 12, 2008

Firefox 3 World Record…

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for the software with more bugs currently available on the web…

That’s it, I said it!

May 14, 2008

What not to show in your presentations…

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I am in the middle of a presentation of my research group on operational semantics for some specific models and as soon as the presentation started a joke was thrown about models… “I work with models. I have many people sending me emails because they also want to work with models. [Display a photo of a skinny, young, half-naked american (human) model] But when I say I do not work with these kinds of models… people never call me again.”

First, these sexist jokes do not do you any good with a vast audience containing men, women from different nationalities and cultures. If you can’t find other joke, shut up. It is not the first time this happens and although there is always people who find it is funny, it is not good for the presenter image do show something like this.

You are talking for a whole audience, not only men and if so probably not only heterosexual men. So, why show a woman? Why a skinny one? Or why young? I find these things unfortunate mainly from researchers I respect. If you start thinking about all this you’ll find out that you’re better off keeping these jokes for pub meetings or family dinners or whatever but never on presentations!!!

May 6, 2008

Spain needs Qualified IT Engineers

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It seems our spanish friends are needing some qualified work… on the other hand, well, we know what’s the current status in Portugal. My advice? Pack your bags and move to the country of nuestros hermanos.

Ref: El Pais (Thanks my friend Jordi for the reference!)

April 9, 2008

Run for your lives

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Guess what? Running is a very popular activity around here [like coffee drinking], however, running seems to be healthy [errr, that’s what the doctors say] and you can do it for a cause [besides your health].

Two of the brilliant people around here, Jeniffer Sorge and Noura Abbas, are organizing a run at the Winchester for AAIR 10K Road Race and we are all participating. We are ECS runs like the wind and we are running for Action Against Hunger cause. It can’t get better! :)

We are training every tuesday and thursday at 8am, usually with freezing cold which although can make your hands numb, provides some great photos opportunities [some will be shown soon].

It would, however, be lovely to raise some money for the cause, so a page is set up to receive your donations at

Remember, every cent/penny counts and every amount it worth it! :)

If we can run faster than others, it’s because we are being helped by the wind.

— ECS runs like the wind

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