April 9, 2008

Movies from PC to PSP

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Well, this is just the simple procedure, ill-documented, on how to pass movies from the PC to the PSP. Given the movies have to be in a specific format of video/audio, I would recommend you to get Handbrake (available for Linux, MacOSX, and Windows). This software has a profile specific for PSP encoding.

After the encoding connect the PSP to the PC through USB and activate the USB connection on the PSP by going to System -> USB connection [this may vary with firmware] and open the drive that shows up on your PC. Create a VIDEO folder [no other name is supported] and move the file there [there are places misguiding you to create a MP_ROOT directory… don’t do this, it won’t work, at least not in current 3.95 firmware].

You can watch the video by accessing it in you PSP through the Movies selection menu.

Have fun!



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After months of pondering between the DS and the PSP, I finally got myself a PSP Slim. Even though the DS has the nice touch-sensitive screens (which is in fact the only thing going for it), PSP just outgrew from a simple portable gaming device to a full-featured portable device.

Some of the amazing features already available or coming soon are:

  • The access to a wide range of games; [gladly it is also a gaming device]
  • A beautiful screen… one of the best hardware features;
  • Access to Skype, also for sale a beautiful Skype 4 PSP Headset;
  • Access to Messenger with video and voice calls [by the way, skype also allows video… don’t forget you need the camera];
  • Access to the internet through Wifi;
  • Access to the GPS network and a full featured software with 3D imaging;
  • With the camera you can also make videos and shoot photo;
  • Connection to your TV so you can display anything directly on the TV in case you are at home;
  • You can easily move videos from your PC as well as music to hear anywhere you are;

And given that I have a PS3, I also enjoy of the following features:

  • Access to my PS3 files through remote play;
  • Use of the PSP as an auxiliary gaming device for the PS3 [like a rear-view mirror in a GT5 for example], rumoured in PS3 Official Forums;
  • TV Stream directly to your PSP from your PS3 coupled with PlayTV

And isn’t it beautiful…