June 2, 2009

Update your bookmarks…

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The Minority Blog lives now in pmatos.net!!!

Lots of news are about to come. This will stay here but won’t be updated anymore. It was cloned to the new domain so you can access old posts there but if you have links to this blog they won’t cease to exist [unless wordpress decides to ditch me…] :)

Thanks everyone and thanks wordpress for the blog software and the hosting… see you in the new domain: pmatos.net


May 7, 2009


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Hi my dear readers,

This blog will go through a migration into another server. I am sorry if there is any issue with this address in the next few days. I shall update you on the new address for it and on any news soon.


June 22, 2007

Dear readers…

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Just to say I’m alive and well but with a lot of work lately. Expect a burst of posts soon and then they resume normally in the beginning of July.

March 8, 2007

Minority is up, stable, and runnning!

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After a few days of downtime (due to old server issues), a server change (from sat@inesc-id to wordpress.com) and some upgrades (from wordpress 2.0.x to 2.1.x) everything seems to be up and running with the same style and flawlessly! Sorry to those readers who tried to access the blog and have not found it.

The previous URL for the blog will stay valid since I created a redirection to the new address but now the feed is not the same. The new feed is : https://minorityblog.wordpress.com/feed/

Have fun… some notes… the rest of the Way to Enlightenment series is not forgotten and the other 30 or so posts on the stack are on their way…

March 6, 2007

Minority is moving…

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The minority blog is moving to another server… So, any downtime, dead links or missing images should be considered normal. Hopefully everything will be back to normal at the end of the day.

June 6, 2006

The Minority is up to date

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Finnally, update seems practically complete. I still have to install some plugins but the blog is now working on wordpress 2.0.3. Hopefully, this will help me also solve the comment spam problem with the akismet plugin which came already with the distribution.

Minority Blog Update

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The minority blog will go through an update in the next ‘few’ minutes. Please bear with the, hopefully not much, unstability.

December 15, 2005

Here goes my ICQ…

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Oh well,

For a long time I’m an ICQ user… in those old times I registered almost as soon as it came out. For that reason my number is surprisingly small (361853) compared to others. In those days there was no fuss about MSN, Jabber etc… we were probably around 1996 or something like that. Oh, I remember, the other fuss was around something called powwow or something like this. Correct me if I’m wrong. Lately nobody uses ICQ anymore but I still connect since Gaim allows you to connect to more than one server at the same time.

Well, it’s time to disconnect permanently from ICQ. I really don’t know why but I’ve been attacked more than one in the last week by people that have nothing to do or cannot sleep and need to talk. They say they just find me online. No more!
I guess ICQ is getting fewer and fewer people these days so the probability of finding me online is quite high!

Not anymore… Another one down for ICQ…

Fortune Of The Day

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Two computer people discussing those old stories about Bill Gates’ name adding up to 666 in ASCII:

“I hear that if you play the NT 4.0 CD backwards, you get a satanic message”

“…That’s nothing. If you play it forward, it installs NT 4.0!”

December 12, 2005

Lisbon Airport is a non-smoking area…

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One thing assures you when you get to Lisbon, Portugal that you really are in Portugal… and this is the non-sense fact that everywhere you see cards telling you “Please Extinguish you cigarette.” but at the same time you see half a dozen people smoking and two cigarette selling machines just in front of you ready to sell you what you can’t use…

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