April 11, 2006

DrScheme now works with Xorg R7

Posted in Scheme at 8:45 am by pmatos

Some days ago a thread came up at the PLT-Scheme ML due to the fact that DrScheme would crash on Xorg R7 systems. By coincidence, a few days later I was forced to move to Xorg R7 because blender decided that after 3 renders it should crash ‘on-site’ with Xorg R6 (6.8) (btw, mesa had problems). So I did and experienced the DrScheme bug. After fiddling and trying to convey as much info as possible to the Mailing List Matthew found the bug with Patrick McLean help. So, now the bug is fixed in SVN version and probably a 301.13 will be out shortly, with the fix. Hurray!


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